What is Net Neutrality?

Quinn Reinhardt

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In recent days, the buzz about ‘net neutrality’ has been surfacing on the news, on social media, and at the dinner table on Thanksgiving.  The question that we have all been wondering is: what is net neutrality, and why does it have America’s attention?

Net neutrality is an internet that promotes and protects our first amendment right, the right to free speech and expression.  Net neutrality is the basic principle that prevents service providers, such as AT&T or Verizon, from slowing down, speeding up, or even blocking content online.  Should the principles of net neutrality be legally ignored, service companies will be able to block specific sites or forums that they do not agree with, or that are owned by competitors.  Internet access will become very limited, and the daily lives of Americans would be greatly hindered.

Depending on the company a user uses, opinionated news sites, leaning either left or right, will be blocked, preventing the political and national awareness of millions.  Overall, the effects of lesser net neutrality rights will be disastrous.

A vote will take place on December 14th, and this vote will decide whether or not net neutrality will be protected or stripped from Americans.  By contacting your local congressman, you can help the slashing of net neutrality rights.

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