Trump Train Might Be Derailed

Connor Butler, Writer

President Trump’s career and his hopes for reelection may be on their way out the door. But before the testimonials started, Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the impeachment proceedings.

Pelosi stated that President Trump exhibited evidence of bribery with his dealings in Ukraine. After Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was elected into office, President Trump gave Zelensky a congratulatory call on his win. Days later, Trump called Zelensky again asking for Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden’s dealings. Later in the phone call, it could be inferred that Trump was hinting at cutting aid to Ukraine if Zelensky didn’t start the investigation on Biden. The offense is being considered a violation of President Trump’s oath.

On Oct. 25, federal judges clarified that the impeachment charges against President Trump are legitimate. This past week (Nov 10 -Nov 15), the impeachment proceedings began. The process is occurring at Capitol Hill and is also being televised. Some American and foreign leaders have decided to testify. GOP Rep. Mike Turner said that “Trump’s Ukraine actions are not okay.” The House Intelligence committee chairman, Adam Schiff, addressed the impeachment proceedings saying that, “ Our democracy is at risk.” Schiff also added that Trump is dangerous because he thinks he is above the law. Schiff has been a very open and outspoken testifier, and that is putting him in the spotlight.

Another GOP politician, Devin Nunez, expressed his opinion that the entire impeachment accusations are an utter hoax. Nunes added that, “It’s unfortunate that today, and for most of next week, we will continue engaging in the Democrats’ day-long TV spectacles instead of solving the problems we were all sent to Washington to address.” Nunes believes that the impeachment process is a democrat formulated diversion from Washington’s real and more pressing issues.

Looking forward, there will be many more hearings and testifiers. Some of these testifiers include Tim Morrison, the former National Security Council aide who overheard the conversation between Trump and Zelensky, numerous figures from Ukraine, as well as top Trump donors. This process has an unknown outcome right now, leaving the world in uncertainty. The controversy surrounding Trump has only heightened as his presidency has progressed, and these proceedings will have a profound impact on the upcoming election.