Trump Endorses Venezuelan Opposition Leader

Ella Wesson

In an extremely controversial move earlier this week, President Trump announced that the United States would now view Juan Guaido, the Venezuelan opposition leader, as the true president of the South American nation. The move prompted swift retaliation from the current leader, President Maduro, who proceeded to order American diplomats to leave within the next three days. Additionally, multiple countries such as China, Turkey, Syria, and Russia have all condemned the President’s sudden move. However, despite drawing the ire of several nations, many current United States allies supported the decision.

The decision by the White House, regardless of its merits, has significantly increased already soaring tensions with the oil-rich nation. As Venezuela is in the midst of extreme unrest over the fiscal decisions of the Maduro administration, the choice by the United States to recognize Guaido has further damaged the Venezuelan government’s waning credibility, possibly spelling disaster for the nation of nearly thirty-two million people.