Russians Protest Putin’s Stance

Teddi Panagiotakos

In Moscow, Russia, thousands of people are currently protesting against Putin’s stance in the Ukraine, criticizing him for his actions with Ukraine.  With more than 3,ooo people dead and the notion of Russia creating a potential war between Russian and Ukrainian governments, the native people are frustrated and discontent.  Regarding the situation, Ukraine has accused Russia of supplying arms and other dangerous weapons as well as many solders to the separatists; Putin has denied such events. Additionally, state-run television channels have been playing politicians and celebrities that publicly speak in favor of Putin. These actions have angered the people, causing nationalist notions against Putin.

In Ukraine on the other hand wanted to show and prove their anger towards Russia.  To do this Ukraine decided to take down a statue of  Vladimir Lenin.  “Lenin? Let him fall down. As long as nobody suffers under his weight. As long as this bloody Communist idol does not take more victims with it when it goes,” wrote Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov.  This resentful feelings against Russia worsened on Sunday, when thousands of angry protesters gathered at Kharkiv’s vast Freedom Square with the intention of ridding their city of Lenin once and for all.

The statue was 28 feet tall, and it stood on a pedestal of red granite similar to that of Lenin’s tomb on Red Square in Moscow.   In 1963 it was shown to the public, standing 66 feet tall on the pedestal and was said to be Ukraine’s tallest monument to the revolutionary founder of the Soviet Union.  With Vladimir Putin’s stance on Ukraine and the thousands of angry Russians marching through Moscow and Ukraine eliminating Lenin statues, there might actually be a  war in Europe between these two countries.