Horror Strikes London by Previous Troublemaker


Connor Butler

On November 30, Usman Khan killed and injured many by knifing victims on the London Bridge. The two left dead were, Suskia Jones and Jack Merrit. The third left dead was Khan himself. Police rushed to the scene, eventually shooting and killing Khan. Both Suskia and Merrit were graduates of the University of Cambridge and involved in a criminal justice organization. Mourners gathered Monday morning to grieve the atrocity, leaving flowers, candles, and cards to pay respects to the victims. Both Jones and Merrit are remembered by many. Jones’ parents called her a “funny, kind, positive influence at the center of many people’s lives.” Outrage is present worldwide because of Khan’s criminal background. 

This is not the first time Khan has made headlines. In 2010, he was arrested for an attempt to bomb the London Stock Exchange, originally hailing from Pakistan having admitted to fundraising for terrorist groups back home. He was then accused and arrested for plotting and recruiting people for terrorist activity, receiving a sentence of 16 years in prison. Khan was released from prison in 2018 wearing an ankle monitor. 

Khan’s terrorist past raises concern and outrage at the justice system. Many are flabbergasted at the fact that Khan was previously red-flagged as dangerous yet was still was able to pull off the attack. Additionally, many question why Khan was released so early in the first place. Several people have concluded that the justice system is broken and needs to put more precautions in place in order to prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again. 

Since the attack, terror group ISIS has claimed responsibility. It is not confirmed whether this is accurate or not. A great deal of people are left living in fear with one thought on their mind– are there more terror groups in London?