Brett Kavanaugh Sworn in to Supreme Court


Luke Bakshandeh

After many months of meetings and investigations, appellate court judge Kavanaugh was sworn in as the last member of the united states supreme court on October 6, 2018. Justice Kavanaugh is a graduate of Georgetown Prep High School in Virginia. He attended Yale University where he was a history major and then continued at Yale Law School. He has worked for Justice Anthony Kennedy in the U.S. Supreme Court and has also held positions as a clerk for Ken Starr during the Clinton investigations. He was also a member of the George Bush White House, where he served as one of the legal counsel team. It was during his term at the White House where he met his current wife Ashley Estes who was then personal secretary to George Bush. He has two daughters and he loves to coach basketball. The Kavanaugh confirmation was very complex, involving multiple charges including drinking during high school and college and sexual allegations during the same period. Eventually, he was sworn in with a very small majority of votes after much consternation by the retiring Justice Kennedy of the Supreme Court. He is noted for being a very conservative judge and he quotes himself as being a constitutionalist.