2020 Election News


Luke Bakshandeh, Editor in Chief, News and Sports

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 was surprising for many and expected for other Americans. And now, a new election cycle is in process. In a list of Democratic presidential contenders that at one point a few months ago included 24 candidates we have dwindled down to only 10 candidates led on the top by Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Some of the party seems to be backing Biden while others prefer Warren and Sanders.

On the top of the political issues seems to be the Medicare for All proposal and its funding which is being advocated by Warren and Sanders. The Wall Street Journal has called this a Fantasy Plan due to their doubts about how this funding will materialize. There is also a proposed wealth tax which has failed in multiple other countries in the past. Despite all doubts in the press, a great number of Americans are supporting these proposals due to the wealth tax and medicare for all. The moderate Biden appears to still be the front runner.

The impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump are being processed through Congress. The economy seems to be holding steady with the help of the multiple rate cuts by the Federal Reserve Bank, despite many uncertainties. This includes an inverted yield curve, an ongoing tariff war with China, Brexit, a Mexico/Canada trade agreement that is unsigned. There are also multiple international political uncertainties including the nuclear growth of Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Russia.

Regardless, the next 12 months will be full of surprises as we consolidate the political campaign into its final election day in November of 2020.