The Key to Our Future: The Synergy of Democrats and Republicans

The Key to Our Future: The Synergy of Democrats and Republicans

Ryan Chung

America is often regarded as a model for freedom of choices, many of which are taken for granted. In the realm of politics, people are allowed to chose a political affiliation based on their viewpoints on governmental practices. These Democrats and Republicans are often deemed opposite sides of the political spectrum, two armies fighting an internal war. Because of these long-standing tensions, there is a deep divide within the government, a type of partisanship that has existed during dynasties of ancient times.

The GOP and the Democrats have been in debate over many matters, whether they be political, economic, or social. One such example is the deliberation over closing and securing borders and taking care of illegal immigrants. Today, with the emergence of ISIS, the two parties have begun to denounce one another for the organization’s birth. Whereas Democrats blamed Republicans, specifically President George W. Bush, for putting troops in Iraq, therefore spurring an extremist response, Republicans criticized President Obama for taking the troops out of Iraq, thereby giving rise to ISIS. Proclaiming one as correct is not necessary, as both have reasons to their arguments.

It is often when two parties become so distant that the public suffers the most. Of course, Republicans and Democrats will not agree on every matter. However, the larger promotion of bipartisanship is imperative; rather than fight for the party, officials must protect the people.

What do you think? How can our government improve its ability to compromise?