The Day You Could Hear a Pin Drop

Connor Butler , Entertainment/Op-ed Editor

Oh to be March 10, 2020.

Oh to be so full of life 

Oh to be with friends, family and loved ones

For this would soon change…


3 Days later….

Oh to be March 13, 2020

Oh to be going home for a two week break

Hoping that these Covid rumors are fake…


They weren’t fake

They were worse, 

And people on the news were dying, being brought away in a hearse


Now we wear masks

That shall last 

Now it is fair to be scared of others

For even your own brother!


Since March 13, we have all feared for our grandmothers

Hoping that they don’t come down with fever and drear


Our sports games,

The ones we fame

Were all silent… March 13


Everyone was in shock …

It was real,

And really was a big deal


For no one spoke

And went home for a while to their folks,


March 13….

The day we went silent

And this was the way we’d all live from there

In order to care