Smart Phones, but Dumb People

Smart Phones, but Dumb People

Sheri Cheng

I recently watched a video from YouTube titled Look Up, which is about the moments we miss just because we were too busy looking down at our phones.  The video has well over 45 million views and is sparking a movement across the nation.

Our generation has never relied more on instant gratification through phones and social media.  I know how much we need instant information and everything right at our fingertips.  Technology has had major impacts on how we go through daily life.

There are two different perspectives on if technology has hindered or benefited our lives. Of course there is a balance of how we should use technology.  From a social perspective, has the use of cellphones and social media helped teens reach out to more people and express their own opinions?  Even from a scientific perspective, do the advancements in health due to more complex technology outweigh all the negative impacts? I couldn’t possibly begin to imagine how different my life would be without my the modern day technology we have.  It sounds embarrassing, but my phone almost makes me feel safer and connected.

My mom always tells me how when she was younger, if she couldn’t find information or needed to search up a definition, she would use a huge textbook and find everything herself.  Now, when I can’t find information, I automatically reach for my phone and look it up online. I know the answers will be there no matter what.  Has this made our generation dumber?  It’s funny because now a piece of glass with some simple mechanical pieces is smarter than ourselves.  With that said, technology makes us unable to think faster and learn through hands-on discovery.

My mom also told me that if she was bored or wanted to hang out with friends, she would go outside and play with them.  My definition of “connecting” with my friends is via Skype or text message.  There must be something that justifies this.  My excuse is that I am too busy, or too lazy to enjoy fresh air and to not stare at a screen right now.

Let’s be honest. Do you want to know how much technology has shaped your life?

What are you reading this off of?

Times are changing, ways of learning are changing, so we will change with it for the good or the bad.