More Than Cookies: A Girl Scout’s Perspective

Emily Valeant

The Girl Scouts are most known for their cookies, but does the world really know what we do? I have been a Girl Scout for six years, and it has changed my life and the lives of others. 

Yes, the Girl Scouts sell cookies. People may think this is a simple fundraiser with delicious cookies, but it provides great benefits to the individual Girl Scout. When a Girl Scout sells the cookies, they learn about running a business, consumer demand, selling and money management. They also learn the importance of raising money for a good cause. 

But the Girl Scouts are about so much more than cookies. Being a member of the organization provides numerous benefits to girls such as teaching leadership, problem-solving and money management skills while fostering a positive self-image and instilling confidence and courage. In addition to the personal benefits, the Girl Scouts help the community by donating clothing to shelters and helping with food drives and soup kitchens.  

Through my years of being a Girl Scout, I have seen a tremendous difference in myself as I am learning new skills every year. The Girl Scouts have changed my life. It is not just a hobby or lifestyle, but a community of girls who work together to create a better, and happier world. We don’t just sell cookies.