Let’s Unite

Lets Unite

Alexander Zarboulas

Throughout history, major crises have required societies to come together with a consensus to deal with certain issues. America is currently facing an extremely threatening crisis, the coronavirus. Our lives haven’t been the same for the past 9 months, and there isn’t any end in sight. America and its leaders are not working together, and therefore, we are failing in handling the crisis.
At the advent of World War II, as the threat of fascism and world conquest by Germany and Japan loomed, Americans came together and agreed on the extreme severity of the threat and the necessity of aggressive and common action to confront it. After years of sacrifice and struggle, America prevailed, and freedom reigned.

Today, we are again confronted with a major threat, albeit one which is microscopic: the coronavirus. The extreme threat of this virus against our elderly and vulnerable citizens is real, and we have already lost over two hundred thousand of our fellow citizens to this virus. Yet, we can’t seem to come together and agree on the nature of the threat or how to deal with it.

Instead of common action against the coronavirus, we are split apart by the politicization of the issue and this starts with our leaders. Some of our leaders have been downplaying the risk of the coronavirus from the start, stating that “It’s just like the flu” or “It will be gone by Easter”. And while some leaders are working to limit the spread of the virus, others are asking citizens to defy the official recommendations and to “rise up” and be “liberated.” These statements, along with the spreading of numerous conspiracy theories, anti-lockdown protests, and anti-mask rhetoric have made our response disjointed and feeble. The results are clear: nine months into the epidemic, hospitalizations and deaths continue, and the spread of the virus is increasing.

This division and this mindset that we should go against scientific and government recommendations for curtailing the virus needs to come to an end. If we really care to go back to normal life, we need to make sure we slow or stop the spread of the virus. And the only way to do this is to listen to our scientists and follow official guidelines. The sooner we do this, the sooner we will be back to “normal”.
We need to come together as a country, as cliche as that sounds, and put aside the rancor and agree upon the level of risk using scientific facts, deferring to experts on measures, and vanquish this for once and for all.