Aruba: Manhasset in the Caribbean

Quinn Reinhardt

With Winter Break approaching, many students are looking forward to their famous wintertime destination – Aruba.

Aruba is a special place in the hearts of many students and has a myriad of nicknames, which are vulgar, yet endearing. As an intrigued member of the Manhasset Community, I have decided to ask those who frequent Aruba what their favorite part of the Happy Island is, and have since gained an understanding of why people flock to this destination.

Aruba is more than can be seen on Snapchat stories, of people celebrating Manhasset Junior Erasmo Troia’s birthday every day.  Alex Petras has said that she enjoys the quality time she can “spend with her close friends and family outside of Manhasset in a vacation setting,” and another student has reported that “the water is f***ing stunning.”

Aruba is not just a hub for Manhasset students to gather in the winter, it is a practical destination for people to engage with their neighborhood and contemporaries in an unrestricted way.  Reportedly, the bonds formed in Aruba are stronger than those formed here and are more meaningful.

Going to Aruba is supposedly not the same as going to Manhasset in the tropics, but is the bringing of the people from Manhasset to Aruba.