V-Day Themed PoCoHo

Mary Panetta, Entertainment Editor

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The most recent PoCoHo event was this Tuesday, February 13th at 7:30 in the black box. With Valentine’s Day on everyone’s mind, many poems were inspired by love and happiness. Michaela Ryan and Jai Nanda were the hosts and created an atmosphere that balanced laughter with the feelings already associated with Valentine’s Day.

Some poetry performers included Maria Lozano, Teddi Panagiotakos, and Kimmie Brogan. Song performances included Decker Paterson, Sophie Vincoff, and Jessica Girillo. The lighting during these performances was beautiful and created a warm feeling due to the fact that it had pink and red hues.

The highlight of the night, in my opinion, was Emily Cruz promposing to Jai Nanda. The lights blacked out and after a few seconds, a spotlight hit her. She rapped a song that she wrote, on top of the table she was sitting at, to which her last line asked him to prom. He responded yes (after the round of applause stopped).

Another amusing event that took place during the night was when the hosts, Michaela and Jai, ordered pizza and had former Manhasset High School student, Oswaldo Herrera, deliver the pies to the school.

The night ended around 9:15 with Jess Girillo giving the audience an amazing finale when she sang Amy Winehouse’s  Valerie. This was one of the longer PoCoHo’s, but it was a great night to spend with your closest friends. As a Senior, I am truly going to miss these fun-filled nights next year.

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