Students to Superheroes: Finding Solutions for the Next Generation

A few KFKI members at one of its meetings (from left to right) Jessalyn Chuang, Amy Park, Grace Lee, and Ivy Jin
A few KFKI members at one of its meetings (from left to right): Jessalyn Chuang, Amy Park, Grace Lee, and Ivy Jin

A new addition to the community, Kids for Kids International (KFKI) is a group created by Manhasset High School student, Jessalyn Chuang. Created in 2014 after Jessalyn’s memorable trip to Myanmar (formerly Burma), KFKI has a vision to support the lives of children around the world. KFKI has collected school supplies throughout the year, including backpacks, pencils, and notebooks, so that the children of Myanmar can receive the best possible supplements to their education. According to a 2008 survey by the United Nations International Emergency Fund (UNICEF), 50% of Burmese students are unable to continue to secondary school. KFKI is currently working on an education initiative to bring on a mission trip to Myanmar in August 2016 to help find a way to increase educational opportunities for Burmese children. Chuang has enlisted the help of other classmates and community town shops who have been generous in helping KFKI’s efforts to achieve its goal.

As previously mentioned, KFKI has an ongoing donation project, which is currently receiving any school supplies, old books, clothes, shoes, or new or gently-used stuffed animals. If you would like to donate and help put a smile on a child’s face, email your address to [email protected] with “Donation Drive” as the subject line for a door pickup of your donation. Addresses will be kept private from the public. All donations will go toward supporting kids in Myanmar. Also within the Manhasset community, KFKI has started a tutoring program for students K-6, where high school members of KFKI can help students achieve in Math, Science, History, English, and more. To find out more about KFKI and what new events it’s up to, feel free to visit and like the Kids for Kids International Facebook page or check out the website, If you would like to make a monetary donation, check out the website or the Go Fund Me page, KFKI is grateful for the help from the Manhasset Raindew, Gino’s Pizzeria and Restaurant, Orlando’s Deli, and Buttercooky Bakery for hosting coin canister donations.