Transformation of the Library

Anna Stougiannou

If you go the middle school library today, you would never guess it used be a gym. 

In 1985, the gym would be transformed into the Middle School Library. Before this renovation took place the current balck box and the library was connected. During this renovation, the school built a wall to create the Black Box and the Middle School Library. This change was one of the biggest things they had done. Another enormous change was that the old locker rooms that were beneath the old gym, were transformed into the High School Library. These two processes were the biggest changes to happen to the school .

Irene Moody the current Middle School Librarian said,  “that the whole reason this enormous renovation happened was because more people were moving to Manhasset”. 

She also said,  “where the smartboard currently is, there used to be a door and staircase that led to the old locker rooms”. To get to the old locker rooms the students would have to go down, left and then right of a wide staircase to the old locker rooms. Moody added, “The catwalk in the current blackbox used to be an indoor track”. 

Also in the library, the rectangles above the archers used to be the basketball hoops and the current librarian office used to be the gym teachers office.The arches in the current library and the ones painted behind the medieval statues were made to match each other to make the new library look more natural. The recent high school counselling departments used to be the only library in the school before the renovation. The catwalk in the black box used to be the indoor track of the gym before the wall was built.