The Premiere of “Good Morning Manhasset”

Victoria Yang


On Friday, February 5, the first episode of Manhasset’s new morning show, Good Morning Manhasset, aired to the entire school- the second episode was released on Thursday the 11th. 

In case you missed it: 

Good Morning Manhasset – Season 1 Ep 1

Good Morning Manhasset – Season 1 Ep 2

Good Morning Manhasset is a student news show produced by the Broadcast Journalism Club. It is primarily student-run, advised by Dr. Coleman. Covering a wide range of topics, the show addresses community events like theatre productions, student-run organizations, and even the inside scoop on some of the secondary school’s staff. 

Composed of close to 60 members (and still growing today), students are hard at work to create a marvelous show. All directing, writing, filming, editing, and producing are done on their own. 

The club encourages involvement from the student body, openly taking suggestions for the show. 

The president of the club, Serena Mancuso, describes the club perfectly: “The Broadcast Journalism Club allows students to work really hard and come together to create something.” 

The club aims to produce and air two shows a month to the Manhasset community. Stay tuned for the next episode!