Sansone’s Legacy Lives On

Brendan Conniff, Senior School News and Features Editor

Mr. Michael Sansone, a former art teacher, may have retired from the art rooms of Manhasset High School in 2019 but his legacy lives on with the recent art installation – a mosaic of Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln that hangs in the halls.  This was the last group project that he created with his advanced art students before his retirement. For the project, each student created his or her own piece of the mosaic without knowing the end result until it was assembled.  

“The works that are now hanging are unique, and they not only beautify the corridors and stairwells of our school, but I hope they remind our students of the greatness that still lives within humanity and in turn help to inspire the greatness that lives within themselves,” said Mr. Sansone.  Dr. Christopher Hale, Administrator of Fine and Performing Arts, shared a similar sentiment when asked about his impression of the mosaic: “The mosaic is a wonderful tribute to the spirit of our school community which embraces justice, freedom, and equity for all.”

This mosaic is just one part of a larger series to be displayed in the school building. There are three pieces left to hang. Because there is a great deal of assembly and preparation that goes into each piece outside of the school day, Dr. Hale anticipates that the remaining three pieces will go up in this coming year.  

Dr. Hale had nothing but positive words to share about Mr. Sansone.  Although he never had the opportunity to work with Mr. Sansone before his retirement, Dr. Hale credits him to be a “passionate and energetic educator who remains dedicated to Manhasset to this day.”  His dedication and influence certainly remains, and we look forward to the unveiling of the rest of the art installation in the coming months.     

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