Manhasset’s Health Kick

Deme Apostolou

Along with the turn into nicer weather, our school is becoming more conscious about the health of the students.  After school, you can find a majority of our students gearing up for sports practices in the gym and out on the field.  But although there is no arguing our school isn’t healthy as it is, the school is making an effort to improve the well being of everyone.

One way is through the addition of CASA’s Healthy Living Club to the plethora of clubs that we have at Manhasset.  According to their Instagram profile (@club.healthyliving), their goal is to “…make healthy choices and spread positive habits and attitudes.” Even though the club is fairly new, they have already begun to start a yoga night in which they bring a yoga instructor to lead a class in our own gym! Physically, yoga helps by making people more flexible and stronger.  Mentally, yoga is proven to reduce stress, ease anxiety and sharpen concentration. The club also focuses on spreading positivity and healthy habits by posting inspiring quotes and reasons to not abuse substances on their social media accounts.

Another way Manhasset is making an effort to be healthier is by testing out the idea of selling acai bowls in the cafeteria.  Acai is a berry that contains antioxidants and fibers and is classified as a superfood. It has a bright purple color and tastes sweet when blended to form an icy sorbet-like base for the bowls.  The bowl’s health benefits and taste have made it very popular in recent months as a great way to kick-start your day. Manhasset is jumping on the superfruit bandwagon and seeing if they should serve the bowls in the cafeteria.  Due to their popularity amongst our students, acai bowls would be a great addition to the cafeteria’s repertoire.

So next time you want to stay home and watch TV on a Friday or you want to buy some chocolate chip cookies from the snack bar, think of going to CASA’s yoga night or grabbing an acai bowl instead!