Manhasset Pumpkin Drop

Emily Fleck

On November 4, the annual pumpkin drop held by the physics department began. Usually, this event takes place on a single day; however, this year, the pumpkin drop lasted two days to ensure that every physics student got a chance to experience the excitement

The event began with two physics teachers dropping golf balls off of the roof of Manhasset High School. The teachers then proceeded to drop various other items including soccer balls, figurines with parachutes, pumpkins, cups filled with water, coffee filters, and more. After each drop, students were asked several questions to teach them about air resistance and acceleration. The aim of the Pumpkin Drop is to give students a better understanding of the concepts they had only ever been taught in the classroom. 

To stay safe and not get splattered from the pumpkins, students were instructed to stay behind the cautionary tape put up by the physics department. There were also several teachers on the ground with the students t0 make sure that no one got hit by the items being dropped off of the roof and to explain the various physics lessons being displayed. 

“We are so excited! We have a whole new demonstration this year!” said physics teacher Mrs. Speight before the event.