Manhasset American Red Cross Club

Brett Weisberg

This year, two Manhasset juniors, Brad Phelps and Michaela Ryan, decided to create a new club for Manhasset known as the American Red Cross Club. The club’s main focuses are educating and helping individuals and communities with disaster relief, first aid, and other safety precautions.  

The club has already racked up a substantial amount of members and officers including Brett Weisberg (Secretary), Matthew Palmadessa (Treasurer), Mary Panetta (VP of Service Events), Jai Nanda (VP of Fundraising), Erasmo Troia (VP of Communications), Ashley Fanning (VP of Membership), and Tiffeny Chen (Student Senate Representative).  Members of this club actively participate in the community with various service projects associated with the Red Cross such as the blood drive and their latest project, the Pillowcase Project.

The Pillowcase Project, which is supported by Disney, teaches students from grades 3-5 about disaster preparedness. Red Cross volunteers will take the students through various disaster scenarios in order to prepare them for emergencies. Then, each student will be provided with a pillowcase to decorate. Students will store supplies such as a change of clothes, a first aid kit, a blanket, hygienic items, and a flashlight with extra batteries, inside the pillowcase.  These pillowcases are very important for emergencies, as they enable children to stay calm and have their supplies at easy access.

Throughout the year, the American Red Cross Club will be holding various events and projects such as the Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Course, which is not only fun but also educational. This club will serve as an active source of aid for our community and the rest of the world with the club’s various fundraisers and charity events.

 Any questions about club meetings or events can be emailed to the Manhasset American Red Cross Club at [email protected].