Homecoming 2018

By Jackie Leone

Jacqueline Leone

The crowd was on its feet as the ball was handed off to number 88, Aidan Mulholland. When he rushed down the field and crossed into the end-zone for a 55-yard touchdown, the crowd was electric. That play was a highlight of the thrilling 2018 Manhasset Varsity football homecoming game.

The Manhasset Indians game versus the Herricks Highlanders ended with a victory for the Manhasset Indians, with the final score at 49-13. The game started off slowly with two fumbles at the beginning of the first quarter. However, the Indians’ defense quickly recovered. The defense continued to have good coverage. With a sack towards the end of the first quarter and an onside kick at the 25-yard line recovered by number 46, Lucas Cole, the Indians began to demonstrate good teamwork throughout the rest of the game.

The offense showed consistency throughout most of the game. After a few miscommunications with receiving a punt, they were able to get back on track and keep the lead. With great touchdowns from Aidan Mulholland, Michael Farrell and Joe Mulholland, the offense seemed unstoppable; they effectively read the Highlanders defense and were able to make great plays.

The crowd was ecstatic, as this was the first win for the Indians this season. Their record is now one win and two losses (1-2). The team dynamic was unbelievable at the end of the game. They were so thrilled with their victory, and are hungry for more wins. With a new coaching staff, the team has high hopes for this year; they have been through intense training since the middle of last year preparing for the fall season. It may seem like a slow start to the season, however, the coaching staff and the team are confident in their ability to have a successful season.