Greek Festival Fun

Mary Panetta, Entertainment Editor

The famous Greek Festival was yet again a success! From September 15th to the 17th, the Bar Beach lot was filled with Greek music, food, and the notorious proud spirit that follows this one of a kind culture.

I personally attended the festival Saturday, which is the one night where there was a fireworks display at 9 pm. After stuffing my face with Souvlaki and Baklava, I enjoyed the fireworks on the quaint setting that the Bar Beach nightlife provided. The show was amazing; lasting about twenty minutes with a perfect grand finale filled with color, capping off a great night.

The rides that are available during this fun-filled weekend include the Ferris Wheel, the Sizzler, the Tornado, and many more. Though I am afraid of heights and lack the stomach to be spun around too much, I put on a brave face and went on some of the rides, and had a great time!

Games were also included, in case you thought the night was boring so far. Though I didn’t play any myself, I enjoyed seeing people of all ages carrying around monstrous toys, like a medal, after winning first place.

Authentic Greek music filled the area, thanks to the band that continuously played throughout the night. Many people danced, and it was a show in itself. The joy that filled the stage was contagious. Not to mention, it was nice having Greek music to fill the background noise.

The only time consuming and somewhat unpleasant aspect of this event was the parking. It is better to be dropped off, because the line to get into the parking lot was chaotic, and at least for me, as a semi new driver, a little nerve wracking. Some people parked at their church, which was across the street, and shuttled to the festival, but I parked at the fair itself. It was nice that I didn’t have to pay to park, so the benefits and the problems sort of outweighed themselves in this situation.

Overall, the Greek Festival was like every other year: a great place to spend a part of my weekend. People of all ages would surely have fun at this enjoyable event! From the music to the amazing food, anyone can really get a great sense of the Greek culture. For this weekend, anyone can feel Greek!