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Controversy over SAT Validity

Ella Malysa, International News Editor

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Every year, 1.7 million high school students across the globe take the SAT, hoping to achieve the best score possible to get into the college of their dreams. Many students choose to begin studying months in advance before taking this major exam. But lately, there has been word of cheating scandals with the SAT, involving leaks of the exam in foreign countries.

The most recent occurrence of the SAT “leak” was the August 2018 administration. Some test takers claim that there were exam questions circulating abroad for several months prior. Others claim that this exam was actually given internationally in October of 2017. Immediately after the conclusion of the August exam, the internet was flooded with controversy over the validity of the test. Many were concerned with what would happen with the delivery of their scores and if the accusations would result in all scores being canceled.

The College Board did not end up canceling the scores from the August exam but released statements stating that they are using their best efforts to find those who may have put the validity of the exam in jeopardy.


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Controversy over SAT Validity