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Apple Engineer Fired After Daughter releases footage of iPhone X before release.

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Ms. Brooke Peterson, whose father worked at Apple, has announced that her father was fired after allegedly leaking footage of the iPhone X.  Apple has not released a statement regarding this situation, nor have they confirmed that Mr. Peterson was fired.This broke a very strict policy, which prevented filming on Apple Campus.  Although the video was taken down, it had been copied numerous times on the web, according to Apple.

The iPhone X is a revolutionary Apple iPhone that does not use the fingerprint ID or a home screen, but utilizes a facial recognition software that identifies the user.

Mr. Peterson was an engineer that worked specifically on the iPhone’s radio frequency and wireless technologies.

The video was first brought to Apple’s attention by tech news sites that closely followed Apple.  Apple requested that Ms. Brooke should take down the “innocent” post that was on Youtube.

The video shows Brooke Peterson trying out the new iPhone X while her father records the video on his own phone.  However, the phone inadvertently reveals Apple employee only QR codes and a text file of code names for unreleased Apple devices.  This was the primary reason that this video caused problems for the Apple corporation.

“Apple really did like my dad. And they let him go. Because he broke a rule,” she said. “It was an innocent mistake, and he fully apologizes.”  She also stated that her father fully accepts his actions and holds “no grudge” on Apple.

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Apple Engineer Fired After Daughter releases footage of iPhone X before release.