Lion Air Crash: Brand New Plane Erratically Crashes?

Esha Brar

The recent crash of the brand-new Indonesian Boeing flight 610 has been a shocking and unfathomable experience. The crash occurred just off of Indonesia, and the entire situation baffled experts since the plane was only 2 months old and had the potential to travel up to 800 miles per hour. Also, the 737 MAX 8 had a very advanced jet system, thus posing even more questions as to what led the flight to crash into the sea after 13 minutes after takeoff on its route from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang. However, the flight data recorders analyzed by experts showed that during the first few minutes of the flight, while a normal flight may ascend at a steady rate, the Lion Air flight descended over 721 feet in 21 seconds, which was a significant warning sign that the flight was malfunctioning. 189 people were killed in this tragic event, with several families completely and utterly devastated. The Indonesian President Joko Widodo showed his respect for those who perished by joining search teams at Tanjung Priok.

Nurcahyo Utomo, the aviation head of the national transportation safety committee, was able to determine just two days ago that the total number of people that had died in the crash last month was 189 passengers. He asserted the point that the pilot fought hard to save the flight till the last moment and that the pilot had experienced the same difficulties on a previous flight, but was able to take control of the flight before anything dangerous was able to take place. It was discovered that both the captain and co-pilot began receiving different airspeed readings, but did find the significance in these readings. The pilot described his difficulties in controlling the plan, stating that it was difficult to handle and control the plane, with the steering wheel seemingly becoming too heavy to handle. Currently, investigators are searching for the cockpit voice recorder, so more answers can be solved as to why this tragedy occurred. Boeing denied any sort of claims in the statement that they intentionally withheld vital information that explained possible explanation as to why the plane’s system malfunctioned. Although this was an extremely recent tragic event, new information is still being discovered and released and is essential towards the safety of passengers in the future.