Italian Video Project Award Received by Three Manhasset Students

Gina Frankis

When my AP Italian teacher, Ms. Mellace, introduced to our class a new video project contest in which we would be able to more closely examine Italian culture and history through creatively constructively a presentation on a topic, my peers and I were immediately ready to get to work.

As I along with the majority of my peers am partially Italian, I recognized the amazing opportunity this organization presented to us. Through researching a topic on the rich history of a culture I myself hold a part in, working in small groups, we would create a video that would showcase our interest in the topic and allow others to more deeply understand the history.

The project was called “La Resistenza in Cucina (The Resistance in the Kitchen)” sponsored by IACE, the Italian American Committee on Education. The theme of the presentation was, essentially, to examine how the lack of food in Italy during World War II transformed the way in which Italians approached cooking, as well as to present an understanding of the Italian Constitution, with a focus on Article 3.

Two of my classmates and I spent days and nights constructing our video to eventually proudly submit to the committee for review. By combining our acting skills, videography skills, and Italian language skills, Alexis Powers, Alessia Ruffo, and I were able to produce a great video that truly captured the essence of the topic at hand. We anxiously awaited the results.

After a few weeks, Ms. Mellace proudly shared the news with us that we were selected as winners of the contest! We were invited to the Italian Cultural Institute in New York City where our video was presented to an audience and where we received our certificates along with monetary awards for our accomplishment (we were also served a delicious, authentic Italian dinner).

Although the recognition for our accomplishment was very nice, it really would not have mattered whether we had won the contest or not because the opportunity had been an amazing experience in itself, one we would never forget!