Flu Outbreak Sweeps Across the Country

Brett Weisberg, Writer

Over the past several weeks, the flu has been sweeping across the United States at an alarming rate and is building up to be one of the worst flu seasons ever.  In fact, the flu seems to be doing a significant amount of damage on children, even prompting school closures in states all across the country due to the absence of many teachers and students because of the flu.  This flu season has already claimed the lives of thirty-seven children in the United States and the numbers are unfortunately expected to rise; some governors have even gone as far as declaring a state of emergency.

People are now flocking to their doctors to receive vaccinations for themselves or for their children, but well known antiviral treatments such as Tamiflu are short in supply.  Tamiflu is not as effective when it comes to treating the flu, but it is highly effective in preventing it.  Now, the lack of Tamiflu for the general population prolongs the chance of people developing the flu in the several days they are waiting for an update on various pharmacies’ inventories.  Those who are most vulnerable to the flu, according to the Center for Disease Control, are the elderly, young children, pregnant women, and people with pre-existing health conditions.  However, while the flu season persists, doctors remain hopeful that large outbreaks of the flu will settle down within the coming weeks.