Feminism Club Presents “The Hunting Ground”

Luke Chan

On Tuesday, February 5, the Feminism Club presented the film “The Hunting Ground.”

The film was about college students who have been sexually assaulted who are seeking justice.  The documentary included various students, male and female, who had been raped during their college years, and they relayed their experiences.  It also displayed staggering statistics such as the number of rape incidents in colleges, the number of reported rape incidents, the number of expulsions due to rape, and the percentage of universities who reported rape.  Two girls, both from UNC, described their tragic stories, but they are also making others more aware of sexual assaults on college campuses. They started a program to shed more light on it and even made it onto the NY Times.  They focused on Title IX to combat the issue from a legal standpoint. Basically, all universities, public and private, ignore reports of sexual assault when they are brought to administration. Victims spoke of how their counselors blamed them for the rape crimes instead of helping them catch the perpetrator.  This injustice exists because of financial reasons; colleges don’t want to show their high numbers of rape incidents because they don’t want it to hurt their image. As this continues to be a fraught issue, these students fight for their voices to be heard and to have others share their stories.

The entire black box theater was filled with interested students.  Originally, most kids were compelled because of the various honor society and class bonus points offered for attending, but the documentary was so enticing and horribly interesting that many found themselves tied to their seats.  As we learned of the potential dangers that high schoolers will see in our years at university, we become prepared for what to expect.  The documentary showed students an important issue that is often hidden to the public; one that everyone should be made aware of.  More and more honor societies and school clubs are introducing speaker events and movie nights to both bring together the student body and teach us priceless lessons.  Don’t miss the next school event that could change your life.