Changes in the School Cafeteria!

Ella Wesson

As the second semester is setting in, many students and faculty at the secondary school are noticing some pretty big changes in the building. Firstly, and certainly most astonishingly, there is a new section in the cafeteria that offers more seating to students during their lunch periods. It was built off of the existing cafeteria and allows for more tables that can seat both middle and high schoolers. Additionally, there were some superficial changes made over the past month. The inside of the cafeteria was painted brown, and the tables and chairs were replaced with newer ones. Lastly, the school now flaunts a new salad bar and sells wraps on the same line.

Students are having mixed responses to the new look of the cafeteria. Many do not like the new color sported on the walls, but there is little that students could say to go against the new tables and chairs. They seem to be having a good response from middle and high schoolers! Also, the new salad bar and the third wrap line seem to be very popular with all students.

In conclusion, there have been many new changes in the cafeteria that are eliciting mostly good reviews from Manhasset secondary school students.