Amazon’s New Headquarters

Luke Bakshandeh



We have long been waiting for Amazon to pick where its new headquarters will be, and today we found out that Amazon will be heading to New York City and the Washington D.C. area. Amazon is planning on spending five billion dollars on the new headquarters in Long Island City, New York and in Arlington, Virginia. In addition, Amazon will be creating a 5,000-person center in Nashville, Tennessee. This center will be strictly based on technology and management for retail operations. Both the Long Island City and Arlington Headquarters will not be opening until the end of President Trump’s first term in 2020. However, New York has already started planning a new transit system designated to Amazon workers. The transit system’s twenty-seven subway lines will now only serve as shuttles for the estimated 25,000 Amazon employees to commute through the five boroughs. Regardless of when both of these headquarters are to be created, both New York City and Washington D.C are expecting a major economic boom with an influx of jobs.