Manhasset Secondary School Principal Shares Pride Regarding District’s Blue-Ribbon Status


Skye Casey, Writer

The 2019 Blue-Ribbon Schools all have one thing in common: excellence. Manhasset Secondary School was one of the 19 schools from New York, and one of the 362 schools across the country, to receive this award.

The Blue Ribbon recognizes schools that achieve academically as a whole. This means that the entire schools improves and succeeds, not just the most intelligent students. A Blue-Ribbon School has hard-working students, enthusiastic and helpful
teachers, and a safe, welcoming environment where children can achieve goals and learn. Blue-Ribbon students strive for their personal best and push themselves, even in challenging topics. Along with these characteristics, a Blue Ribbon can be awarded to a school that does particularly well on a state-wide scale in standardized testing.

The Manhasset faculty and administration felt very honored to be recognized, and they said that this achievement proves just how committed Manhasset is to helping students succeed. Secondary Principal Dr. Schlanger shared his insight on what it’s like to be the principal of the Blue Ribbon-worthy Manhasset Secondary School. When asked what makes Manhasset a blue ribbon
school, he said, “I think Manhasset is an exemplary school that really looks to meet the needs of each and every student. Each and every student comes into the school really looking to be challenged academically and be best prepared for the time when they graduate the high school.”

Dr. Schlanger is particularly proud to be the principal of such a stellar school. “Whether we won the award or not, I’m on my thirteenth year, and I take immense pride in being the leader of this building. It’s beautiful.”

He feels that Manhasset works so well through collaborative efforts and hard work by each and every member of the community. “It is a reflection of the incredible achievements of our students, of the support the parents show to this school, to me it represents a school community that is well-functioning, exemplary, and high-achieving.

Dr. Schlanger seeks to meet the needs of every student, offer greater options, resources, and opportunities, and improve safety. He said, “One of my mantras that I significantly dislike is the comment, ‘Well, that’s the way we’ve always done it.’ I hate that. I like to always look at the function of the school, and we are always looking at how can we make things better.”