4,400 Year old Egyptian Priest Tomb Found in Amazing Conditions

Ella Malysa, International News Editor

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On an archaeological mission that took place in South Cairo, Egypt, archeologists unrelieved a 4,400-year-old tomb that held the body of an Egyptian priest. The most remarkable part of this discovery was the “exceptional” condition it was found in.

In the centuries during which Egyptians practiced mummifying, this sacred tradition was a long process that high levels of intellect amongst this society. The process was reserved for the royal and noble classes because it took lots of time and money to complete.

The tomb that was uncovered apparently belonged to a Fifth Dynasty royal purification priest named Wahyte. This discovery was found at the first Egyptian pyramid or step pyramid.

The tomb was decorated in rather bright, well-preserved hues and carvings that depicted the priest and his family.

Archaeologists and the Egyptian government anticipate that this discovery will allow for an even better understanding of ancient Egyptian society, as every new archaeological finding puts another piece into the puzzle that is the history of humanity. This discovery will hopefully help to revive the Egyptian tourist economy, which has slowed down in recent years.

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