The Great Cake Bake-Off!

Recently, Mr. Shapiro and Mrs. Pellegrino’s eighth graders competed in the “Great Cake Bake-Off!,” based on Charles Dickens’ book, Great Expectations. Great Expectations takes place in England during the Victorian Age, when much of the social standards were being revolutionized. Even so, social classes remained divided, with the continuing existence of a gap between the rich and the poor. Dickens’ illustration of Pip, the protagonist, is meant to showcase the ascent of a poor country laborer’s rise to a wealthy city-bearing man, ultimately resulting in Pip’s experience of two different worlds. Throughout his metamorphosis, he struggles against different characters, such as Miss Havisham, which stimulate his growth and development. For the English 8 students, the task presented was to create a cake symbolizing the literary elements of characterization within the book.

Students were given the options of designing a wedding cake representing the hopes and dreams or demise and decay of the antagonist Miss Havisham, the rise and fall of Pip, or the interactions between different character combinations. The results were plentiful and varying! Cakes of all types were baked, ranging from red velvet wedding cakes to card-stacked confections. According to Mrs. Pellegrino, the project was given out last year for the first time, and was extremely successful. It was done again this year, and many students cited their excitement in taking on this project. The winner of each category was given a prize, while all students enjoyed some cake!

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