St. Baldrick’s Manhasset Fundraiser

Deme Apostolou , OpEd Editor

In an online interview with the organizer of St. Baldrick’s Manhasset (eighth grader Logan Panzik), we found out more about what went into the head shaving fundraiser.

1) What is St Baldrick’s mission? When did you first get involved with St Baldrick’s? Did anything or anyone in specific prompt you to get involved?
St. Baldrick’s mission is to raise awareness for childhood cancer and support families who have been affected by it. I first got involved in 2016 as a shavee at Suny Maritime. My grandfather was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer which really drove me to get as involved as I could.
2) How did you spread the word about this years event to make it so successful? What work do you do behind the scenes? 
I hung up posters throughout town, in the elementary schools, the high school, the word of mouth, social media, and morning announcements. I also spoke at club and faculty meetings. Behind the scenes I have to talk to all the businesses in towns about raffles and posters. I must put together a core committee to help me, order supplies, as well as talk with a designated St. Baldrick’s coach to help me out.
3) How many people got their heads shaved this year? What teachers/ administrators did you get to participate? 
We got 30 people to shave their heads raising about $10,000 this year and $50,000 the past three years. Mr. Chen, Mr. Barbaccia, Dr. Schlanger, Mr. Vasta, Mr. Uellendahl, and Mr. Elkins.
4) What was the goal of the head shaving event? How do you raise money for the cause?
The goal of this years event was to raise awareness and money by uniting the school with high hopes for next year now that more people are aware. You do not have to pay to join. We raise money from donations. For example if someone is shaving their head you can donate specifically to that person so they can reach their goal.
5) What have you learned from leading a project like this? 
I have learned that it takes a lot of time, patience, and effort to piece everything together.
6) What kind of work do you do with the organization all year round? Are you planning any other events to help the cause? 
I ran a morning event at the school and evening one at Plandome Haircutters this year and besides starting a few months earlier the only thing I do year round is spread the word through my social media account @stbaldricks_manhasset on Instagram. This will be a yearly event that will keep on growing throughout the years at the school.