Red Band Society Series Premiere

When Red Band Society, a new ABC series, premiered, the viewers had a primarily positive reaction, praising the show for its astounding actors and actresses, such as  Ciara Bravo, Charlie Rowe, Nolan Stotillo, Zoe Levin, Griffin Gluck, Academy Award winning Octavia Spencer, and Astro, who was nominated for a BET YoungStars Award. Along with the great cast, the show also has a captivating and thought-provoking plot, with twists and turns that keep the viewers on their toes. Just in episode 1 it was revealed that Leo, one of the main characters with cancer, had surgery that removed his leg, Emma, Leo’s past love interest, is anorexic, Jordi, the new teenage buy at the hospital, has cancer in his leg, needs it removed and is an orphan, and that Kara, the mean cheerleader needs a heart transplant. Not many teens fully appreciate the simple pleasures that they are able to carry out daily, such as be able to walk, talk, and act like everyone else. By having the protagonists fight enemies and problems that many people never have to face, such as cancer, comas, eating disorders, and becoming orphaned, the show gives viewers a new perspective on the aspects of life that they subconsciously take advantage of daily. Red Band Society is a comedy-drama, so there is a slight humorous edge to the show, which nicely balances out the seriousness. With each joke there is meaning behind it, and the characters’ emotions, although attempted to be hidden in regular teenage fashion, do leek through, exposing the raw depth of feeling beneath the words. The series Red Band Society was extremely well done and I, along with many others, am excited too see what is going to happen in the series next.