The Most Beautiful Sunset In Manhatten

Every year in Manhattan, the sunset aligns with the streets of the city making the city look like it is glowing. People say it’s one of the best sunset photos someone can take. This phenomenon is called Manhattenhenge. The name comes from Stonehenge, a ring of standing stones in England, thought to have been used in sun rituals by prehistoric people.

Manhattanhenge happens at during the sunsets of a couple of days in May and June. Hopefully on these dates the weather is not cloudy since there are only so few days on which the beautiful sunset happens. This year it happened on May 29th and MAY 30th. Two others will occur on July 12th and July 13th. Most people on these days go for the best view. Popular spots include 42nd, 57th, 34th, 23th, and 14th streets. People choose the places for the best view, as well as the streets having pretty buildings. Standing in the middle of the street is the place to see Manhattenhenge so it isn’t uncommon for lots of people to stop the streets to snap a photo.

When Modern New York City was first designed, it was decided that it would be laid out using a grid system. The city has streets that go east and west and avenues that go north and south. This system would be the reason why the sun would easily be able to line up with the streets. There are full sun and half sun events. The meaning is just what it sounds like. The two day occurence happens with one day being a half and another being a full. A full sun is when the bottom of the sun can be seen while a half sun touches the horizon at its midway line.

NYC is not the only city that this happens in. The “cityhenge” will also occur in Chicago, Boston, Toronto, Montreal and many others. May and June also aren’t the only days that Manhattenhenge will happen. Although it isn’t a sunset, a Manhattenhenge sunrise will happen in a few of the early mornings of Decemeber and January. The crowd is a lot smaller with still the same beautiful effect, which might be appealing to people, if they don’t mind the cold).