New Year’s Eve

Emily Theodosopoulos

One of New York’s favorite traditions is ringing in the New Year in Times Square. Ever since 1907, the Time Square Ball Drop on New Year’s Eve has been an exciting and pleasurable moment. This year, the night consisted of performances by popular artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Billy Porter, and Cyndi Lauper. A normal year would consist of thousands of people lining up to catch a glimpse of the famous ball.

This year due to the pandemic, the number of people witnessing the celebration in person was extremely low, and the city was named a “Ghost Town” by NY Daily News. Despite the inability to attend the ball dropping first hand, it was seen that over one billion people watched the ceremony this year on television. People were still able to feel and enjoy the spirit of the Times Square New Year, while also being safe and cautious during this time of uncertainty.