New Jersey’s Celebrity Neighborhood – Spooky Sweet Halloween


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What’s in your Halloween treat bucket? Mini versions of Snickers, Three Musketeers and other candy bars are always a popular choice. (Getty Images)

Tracy Wang, Features Editor

HAPPY HALLOWEEN MANHASSET INDIANS! Do you have your bucket full of the best candies in the neighborhood? As kids scram around looking for the largest candy bar, or searching for tubs filled with unattended candies, some special children in a particular New Jersey neighborhood get the best pick of the addictive sweet treats.

In Bergen County, New Jersey, popular celebrities like comedian Chris Rock, Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, Tracy Morgan, and many others have not only the most admired houses, but the most attractive candy choices. Instead of fun-sized treats, these celebrities give jumbo-sized candy bars filled with delicious sugar that children salivate over. To obtain such generous candy choices, kids flock to the neighborhood in search of the best Halloween trick-or-treating journey of their lives.

Although slightly controversial as recently reported on CBS News, their address information has actually been compiled into a list online by realtor, Rebecca La Pira. Knowing lots of information on the housing situation, she gives tips and insight on the type candy, when, and where to acquire the sweet treats. Other neighbors in the area are alarmed as such detailed information is disclosed to the public, but La Pira seems to view this as harmless information for children to have the best time. To insure the celebrities’ and children’s safety, police are stationed throughout the neighborhood for maximum security.

Where are you getting your candy this Halloween?