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Apple Engineer Fired After Daughter releases footage of iPhone X before release.

Jonathan Kim

November 1, 2017

Filed under National/International News, Science/Tech

Ms. Brooke Peterson, whose father worked at Apple, has announced that her father was fired after allegedly leaking footage of the iPhone X.  Apple has not released a statement regarding this situation, nor have they conf...

Be Aware of Dirt and Flatulence

Emily Hahn

October 8, 2017

Filed under Science/Tech, Uncategorized

Dirt and flatulence are not just manifestations of poor hygiene and manners. According to recent scientific studies, these two mundane companions to normal human existence are thought to be serious culprits in the acceleration...

Are Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Caused By Global Warming?

Emily Hahn

September 25, 2017

Filed under National/International News, Science/Tech

Despite the overwhelming majority of climate scientists believing in the presence of global warming, many Americans refuse to accept the evidence. 97% of scientists who have published research papers on climate believe that the...

The Future of Sound

Philip Passes, Senior Technology Editor

November 18, 2016

Filed under Op-Ed, Science/Tech, Showcase

Throughout history, technology has progressively gotten smaller. This is still the case with headphones and wearable audio appliances as well. The company Human Inc., however, has made it their goal to take a step to the side...

Air Pollution Worsens

Courtney Lee

October 31, 2016

Filed under News, Science/Tech

An air quality map released by the World Health organization shows that almost everyone in the world is breathing polluted air. Around 92% of the world is now currently breathing in air that does not meet air quality standards...

A World Without Privacy

Jessalyn Chuang

October 12, 2016

Filed under National/International News, News, Science/Tech

You all may remember the Justice Department trying to get Apple to unlock the phone of a terror suspect. Six months later, the government still hasn't given up on probing the tech industry for user information. In recent news,...

A Bee-line for Catastrophe

October 9, 2016

Filed under National/International News, Science/Tech

On September 30th 2016, for the first time in America, seven species of bees reached the endangered species list. Although all of these species are native to Hawaii, this is still a wake up call to all. Bees are pivotal to...

The student news site of Manhasset High School in Manhasset, New York