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Amazon’s New Headquarters

Luke Bakshandeh

November 15, 2018

Filed under Business, National/International News, News

    We have long been waiting for Amazon to pick where its new headquarters will be, and today we found out that Amazon will be heading to New York City and the Washington D.C. area. Amazon is planning on s...

Twitter on the Rise After Losing 9 Million Users

Stanley Kong

October 28, 2018

Filed under Business

Twitter announced on Friday that they have had a profitable third quarter, capping off their first full year of consistent profitability. This comes after Twitter announced that their usership has dropped by 9 million users since...

Toys R Us

Paige Theodosopoulos

April 16, 2018

Filed under Business

Toys R Us is known for its huge stores filled with toys, bicycles, video games and even a Ferris wheel in the one in New York City. However, after many years of Toys R Us being a part of many kids childhood, it has officially...

Peyton Manning sells Denver-area Papa John’s Pizza Shops

Adam Xiao, Senior National/School Sports Editor

March 7, 2018

Filed under Business, National/International News, National/International Sports, News, Sports

Peyton Manning, the retired NFL quarterback and Papa John's pizza spokesman, sold his stake in 31 different Papa John’s pizza locations around Denver two days before the NFL and the pizza chain ended their partnership at the...

HQ Trivia in Trouble

Emily Hahn

December 20, 2017

Filed under Arts/Entertainment News, Business, Science/Tech

  A headline posted on Business Insider website on December 18, 2017 reported, “HQ Trivia was getting ready to raise money at a $100 million valuation, but some investors are reportedly backing off after learning...

Singapore’s Government Plans to Create 4,000 New Finance Jobs

Todd Qiu, Treasurer

October 30, 2017

Filed under Business

Singapore's government wants to expand its financial sector growth. The Monetary Authority of Singapore has stated that it has a plan which will create 4,000 new jobs in the sector which will help replace the jobs that were lost...

Senate Approves New Tax Reform

Todd Qiu, Treasurer

October 20, 2017

Filed under Business

The Senate passed a budget resolution that will allow for tax cuts . It passed by 51 votes to 49, with most senators voting along their party lines. The Republican majority were able to pass the resolution, with tax cuts a major...

Business Leaders Condemn Pulling Out of Paris Climate Accords

Todd Qiu, Writer

June 11, 2017

Filed under Business

The recent decision to back out of the Paris Climate Accords has stirred up a lot of controversy. Many business leaders have also criticized the president's decision including people on his advisory councils. Elon Musk, chief...

The Fed Prepares to Sell Its Securities

Lazarus Ziozis, Editor

April 26, 2017

Filed under Business

The Federal Reserve is moving quickly to make final decisions on how it will decrease its securities holdings in the upcoming years. This process could start this year and become the next big challenge for investors whom have...

Federal Reserve Under Criticism Over Leaked Info

Todd Qiu, Writer

April 24, 2017

Filed under Business

The Federal Reserve had leaked market moving information to private consulting firm Medley Global Advisors. The Federal Reserve had leaked bond buying and interest plans which are very important for business and the American ...

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