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The Boys of ‘36

The Boys of ‘36

May 14, 2017

Thousands of Turks rate new film “The Promise” poorly before its release in an attempt to discredit the Armenian Genocide

April 24, 2017

The newly released Christian Bale film, The Promise, was given tens of thousands of one-star reviews on popular movie site IMDB before the film was even released into theaters this past Friday. This was done by tens of thousands of T...

“Class” Review

“Class” Review

April 17, 2017

The Internet’s New Obsession: Slime

Gina Frankis

March 22, 2017

There have been many interesting trends spread through social media in the past couple of years. However, the most recent one has seemingly brought attention in ways never seen before. It is unclear when exactly this trend...

The “Get Out Challenge”

Adam Xiao, Contributor

March 19, 2017

Move out of the way, Mannequin Challenge; the Get Out Challenge is the new in. The Get Out Challenge is a video fad in which the participant films oneself running straight towards the camera as to imitate a scary scene from...

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