Toys R Us

Paige Theodosopoulos

Toys R Us is known for its huge stores filled with toys, bicycles, video games and even a Ferris wheel in the one in New York City. However, after many years of Toys R Us being a part of many kids childhood, it has officially gone bankrupt and will be officially closing down. 

The cause of its downfall had many reasons, one being the big-box retailers like Walmart and Target had toys and many other things to sell as well. The final hit on Toys R Us though was probably the emergence and growing popularity of Amazon. People didn’t have to drive to a toy store anymore to buy a present. Now, the simpler choice was “buying with one click” and it would be on their doorstep in two days or less.

About 735 stores in the U.S.A would be shut down and more than 31,000 workers would be laid off. Before the bankruptcy had been filed it had been in 5 billion dollars in debt and was loosing about 100 million each month. 

People had been wondering what they could do with their gift cards and Bed Bath and beyond has decided to allow them to be exchanged for one of their gift cards for a limited time. However, the card must be over twenty dollars and the cash on the card will be smaller than the original price of the Toys R Us card.