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DOWJ Breaks 20,000

Alexander Hom

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For the first time ever, the DOW Jones Industrial Average Broke 20,000 points on Wednesday, January 25th. The index which contains many of the nation’s largest companies including Coca Cola, Apple, and McDonald’s, broke the 20,000 mark soon after the opening bell on Wednesday and has continued on an upward trend since.
This strong number demonstrates the current confidence in what recently inducted President, Donald Trump, will do for the American economy. This comes after the DOW had fallen nearly 500 points soon after Trump had been announced as the nation’s next President. Since the election, the stock market has risen from under 18,000 points to over 20,000 points now which has marked some of the best gains the market has seen in years. Many investors were surprised to see Trump going through with many of his promises for the economy and immigration which allowed for gains soon after taking office. In addition, the DOW was also helped by strong earnings numbers from several companies for the final quarter of 2016.
It will be interesting to see how the market plays out after hitting this historic milestone. Many investors continue to speculate about how the market will react to Trump as his presidency continues with many believing his deregulation and more laissez-faire approach will be beneficial to the economy.

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DOWJ Breaks 20,000