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There’s a New Store in Town: Kith Treats

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In the midst of Black Friday flash deals at the Americana Manhasset, a new store opened: Kith Treats.  Kith is a store that was created by Israeli-American Ronnie Fieg in 2011.  The store opened as a boutique that brought an urban look to the masses of New York that desired the style.  These styles have gained a following in city communities as well as their wealthier suburbs.  Along with its own clothes, Kith branches out and collaborates with other companies that have been staples in the fashion industry for years: Nike, Timberland, and oddly enough Coca-Cola.  Fieg will often take a style that the other company is renowned for and alter it to be specific to Kith.  In this way, Kith is somewhat similar to Supreme and other streetwear brands that have gained notoriety; however, there is one big distinction: Kith Treats.  Kith Treats is part of the Kith brand and was created by Ronnie Fieg.  In these stores, customers can get a couple of food items, all of which are based in cereal.  Using different cereals and toppings, Kith Treats creates custom cereals and swirled ice cream with cereal chunks and toppings inside of it.  Kith Treats as well as a relatively small merchandise store opened shop in MRKT, the streetwear section of the expensive department store Hirshleifers in the Americana.  The Kith portion of MRKT is sectioned off using innovative glass and metal to make it appear as if it is in a garage.  Kith Treats will become an important staple for Manhasset teenagers and even adults.

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There’s a New Store in Town: Kith Treats