The Diversity of “13 Reasons Why”: Your Next Must-Watch Netflix Show


Beth Dubber/Netflix


Yuna Kim

“13 Reasons Why”, Netflix’s adaptation of the New York Times best-seller novel, has been the streaming site’s most recent hit. From its diversity of the cast to exploring deep, important topics such as bullying and suicide, this show has all the elements to draw you in and finish the show in one sitting. It not only appeals to an audience of teenagers, but is also a show that adults can enjoy as well.

The first thing that I was enthralled to see with this show was the diversity of the cast. The characters that were chosen for this show were unlike the usual cast of movie stars seen in Hollywood. The two most popular girls in school are played by two black actors Alisha Boe and Ajiona Alexus, and Asian actor Ross Butler portrays the typical “jock” in high school. The show has been organized to delve deep into each character’s own story through 13 episodes, representing the 13 tapes that Hannah Baker left for her peers before her death. It was also impressive to see that these actors were not simply portraying stereotypes, but individuals with their own unique stories. This allows the viewers to better understand the truth behind each character.

The show also has the element to keep you hooked, wanting to always continue onto the next episode. With each episode, another truth is revealed, which keeps the audience to wonder what other details of the mystery will be revealed next. The show also has its own unique way of differentiating between the past and the present. The flashbacks that Clay, the protagonist, has with Hannah are portrayed in a warmer temperature while the present is a colder blue, which I found to be a creative way to distinguish between time.

From the amazing, diverse cast of actors to a storyline that will keep you hooked and teach viewers about different complex topics, “13 Reasons Why” has all the factors to make viewers want to watch more. I absolutely recommend everyone to check out this new incredible show!