Netflix’s New Show Starring Marie Kondo

Paige Theodosopoulos

Recently a new Netflix show called “Tidying up with Marie Kondo”, which talks about the benefits of a minimalist lifestyle. A minimalist lifestyle is often overexaggerated and leads people to put the idea down before they have even heard what it really means. A minimalist is someone who values quality over quantity and doesn’t keep/buy things they don’t need or things that don’t make them happy. The reasoning is to give them more freedom in the life they live, whether it being able to travel/move more freely or free from the consumer lifestyle that is prevalent in the current generation. The idea might seem absurd in America due to the value seen with owning things, but many places around the world are turning to this lifestyle for many reasons; One reason being that space is limited, especially in places with limited space or large populations.

In this show, Marie Kondo is invited to people’s houses to basically help them declutter and get rid of things they don’t need. In her philosophy, things that don’t spark joy should be eliminated from the space you live in, in order to declutter your life. The point of the show is not only to help people but to get rid of lifestyles and mindsets that can make them feel unorganized or stressed out. The idea that owning things gives value to one’s life is contradicted by having fewer things that hold more value. By decluttering, people in the show often end up fixing household relationships and problems that had been in a way unhealthy. The lifestyle now is more known due to the Netflix show, is becoming more and more popular in America than it had ever been before and the results to come from it are anticipated to be very interesting! The idea is very contradictory to the current lifestyle many Americans live so we can only wait to see the outcomes.

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