Doctor Who Season 10 Premiere


Rachel Sloan

The wait for fans of Doctor Who has finally ended. For a year and a half, fans have been eagerly awaiting the new season of the show. Season 10 marks the last season actor Peter Capaldi will star as The Doctor, and the last season writer Steven Moffat will work on. It also is the beginning of a new companion, Bill Potts. Let’s get into it now. (Spoiler warning!)

At the end of season 9, we saw the Doctor left without his companion Clara Oswald and in the Christmas special, he looses River Song. Season 10 starts out with Bill Potts, played by Pearl Mackie, coming to see the Doctor and viewers immediately fell in love with her. She’s funny, smart, and confirmed to be gay, adding an extra sense of diversity to the show. The Doctor appoints himself as her tutor and begins to teach her about all kinds of things. People are already calling the character “one of the best companions we have seen,” and it’s only been one episode. I’m extremely excited to see what the show does with her in the future and how her character will develop.

As for plot, I found the storyline intriguing. Bill has a crush on a girl with a defect in her eye that makes it look as if there is a star in her eye. This girl, Heather, finds a puddle that shows your reflection incorrectly. She ends up being taken by the creature in the puddle and used as a vessel. The creature follows Bill and the Doctor through time and space until Bill lets her go. This had to have been done because the last thing Heather said to Bill was that she promised she wouldn’t leave her. The Doctor is very reluctant to let Bill be his companion, as he does after he looses any companion. Eventually, however, the Doctor gives in and invites Bill to travel the world and other worlds through all of time and space. He even says it’s possible they will see Heather again, making me think they will.

I enjoyed the episode very much, as I know many other viewers did. Tune in to watch the rest of this amazing last season!