“Class” Review


Rachel Sloan

After the premiere of the 10th season of Doctor Who, BBC introduced its newest Doctor Who spinoff series, Class. Class follows the story of five students and a teacher of a high school in England where Clara Oswald and Danny Pink (characters from Doctor Who) had previously taught. The show guest stared Peter Capaldi as “the Doctor” and introduced several interesting new characters.

The new series features many of the same kinds of alien creatures seen on Doctor Who. I’m sure we will see a few of the famous ones taken directly from Doctor Who, such as the Daleks and the Cybermen. This episode featured a shadow creature who’s heart was linked to April, one of the five main students. This poses a problem when a fleet of soldiers of those creatures crashes the school’s prom. There was a lot of cool action and witty jokes from “the Doctor.” The story was fun and intriguing.

I think the show was very well thought out and has the potential to be great. I implore all Doctor Who fan to check out this incredible new series!