(Taylor’s Version)

(Taylor’s Version)

Eliana Linder

Taylor Swift is arguably the most successful singer in the music industry with over 50 million albums sold, 11 Grammy awards, 3 albums of the year, 29 American Music Awards, and much more. Recently Taylor Swift has been coming out with new versions of her songs that have (Taylor’s Version) in the song titled indicating that Taylor Swift owns the music now. On Friday, November 12th Taylor Swift broke a new spotify record which she previously held of the most streamed album in a day by a female artist, with “Red (Taylor’s Version)” coming in at 90.8 million streams in one day. More importantly “All Too Well(Taylor’s Version)” is now the longest song in history to hit No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 on November 22nd. But how and why had this become so popular so quickly? Only one man can take responsibility for that and it’s Jake Gyllenhaal.

It is widely known that Taylor Swift’s songs are based on her life experiences, specifically her dating life. Taylor Swift exes contain some very famous A-liners which include Tom Hiddleston, Calvin Harris, Harry Styles, Conor Kenedy, John Mayor, Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, and Jake Gyllenhal.

When Taylor Swift first started recording her albums, she signed with Big Machine Record labels and was very successful with them. In 2018 she decided to leave Big Machine Record Labels and signed with Republic Records for more creative freedom. Unfortunately in 2019 Big Machine Record Labels had sold Taylor Swift’s master copy of 6 of her albums to Scooter Raun who now had ownership over them. Taylor Swift was not happy about this and in response, she announced she was going to re-record her albums and re-release them. Now when you see Taylor Swift’s songs with (Taylor’s Version) next to it, that means that Taylor Swift owns them. The most recent album Red was recently re-released on November 12th breaking the internet and leaving so many Swiftie’s with so many questions.

Who can forget the iconic “Us Weekly” cover on December 13th, 2010 staring Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal looking at each other utterly in love? It is reported that they dated for 3 months in October 2010 leaving Taylor Swift at age 20 and Jake Gyllenhaal at 29. This raised lots of red flags but with Taylor Swift re-releasing a 10-minute version of her hit song All Too Well about Jake Gyllenhaal, that was the final blow.

Taylor Swift had no mercy taking down Jake Gyllenhaal and neither did her fans. Jake Gyllenhaal might’ve thought that it was all over back in 2010 but when you have dated an international superstar there is no telling what would happen. His relationship with Taylor Swift has come back to haunt him.

The iconic line in All Too Well (Taylor’s Version) that wasn’t included in the original All Too Well, “And I was never good at telling jokes but the punch line goes / I’ll get older but your lovers stay my age,” was a direct target on how Jake Gylenhall dates younger women. Specifically how he is currently dating Jeanne Cadieu who is 25 and Jake Gyllenhaal 40 years old which means that they have a 15 year age difference! Although the two are technically legal, a 15 year age difference is hard to overlook especially when you have an international pop star, loved by millions calling you out in her song. 

Most importantly Taylor Swift decided to make a short film about her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal to the ten-minute version of All Too Well. This short film starred Dylan O’brian and Sadie Sink two, very well-known actors. It was very apparent that Taylor Swift cast them to represent her and Jake Gylenhall’s relationship especially because they have a similar age gap that Taylor and Jake did when they were dating Dylan at 30 and Sadie at 19. Most of the music video featured the two of them being in love and the music to All Too Well playing behind them although there was one particular scene that had both Sadie and Dylan speak to each other.

When Dylan and Sadie go to Dylan’s house we can see that Sadie is uncomfortable and tries to grab Dylan’s hand and his response was to drop it. In the next scene, we can see the music stop and Sadie and Dylan argue saying how she was uncomfortable because everyone was older than her and he dropped her hand. Dylan responds by saying he doesn’t even remember when he dropped her hand saying that she is just making things up for no reason. This makes Sadie feel insecure and she starts to cry second-guessing herself. Dylan tries to comfort her telling her to just shake it off and forget about it not wanting it to cause a fight. Obviously, they are in a toxic relationship and this is representing how Taylor and Jake used to act, especially considering the fact that she remembers “all too well”. 

Another particular line that caught the eye of many fans was, “I kept you like an oath, but you kept me as a secret”. This made fans blow up wondering what it could mean in regattas to their relationship. A common theory is that Taylor put more effort into the relationship and cared about him more in relation to Jake who didn’t really appreciate Taylor and tried to keep the relationship a secret displaying how he might be ashamed of her, which immediately is a red flag. 

It would not be an understatement to say that Jake Gyllenhaal is officially canceled by the queen herself Taylor Swift. His comment section on his Instagram posts is brutal and he is being attacked in all directions for Swifties all over the world. Taylor Swift will forever be an icon and coming out with a new version of her songs was truly a treat for all of her fans. But the question remains: As Taylor continues to re-release her songs, who will be canceled next?